Who are we?

Rawsome is a healthy food company that believes in eating right and adapting an active lifestyle. Started in June 2015, Rawsome created their signature product specializing in organic chia puddings -a healthier and less guilty desserts and meal replacements for those who are looking for weight loss. Using only the best ingredients focusing on quality, we provide the best for our customers with an affordable price.

How far have we gone?

Till date, Rawsome has expanded to 3 more additional outlets, in total 4. Often making it accessible, we try to work with all delivery platforms making it easier to reach our customers. Rawsome also tries to constantly turn favourite asian dishes into healthier ones and thrives to improve and make it exciting and flavourful. We believe in eating better and not lesser.

What else do we do?

Going in line with our objectives and mission, Rawsome conducts community yoga sessions at our HQ in Sungai Buloh. Classes are at affordable rates (RM10 for yoga and RM20 for aerial) without any joining fee or packages making it hassle free. Booking can be done online at our site. Rawsome also organizes community events and activities, trying to make changes and impact to our consumer's lifestyle and habit.